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Switzerland Approves a Marriage Equality Bill

Switzerland Approves a Marriage Equality Bill

Author: Jade MacEwan Photo source Unsplash After working on a marriage equality bill for the past seven years, Switzerland has finally brought the legalisation of marriage...

Jade_M 21. 12. 2020
The Hungarian Government Proposes a Ban on Adoption by Same-Sex Couples

The Hungarian Government Proposes a Ban on Adoption by Same-Sex Couples

Author: Jade MacEwanPhoto by Andrew Kondrakov on Unsplash The government of Hungary has recently proposed an amendment to the constitution to ban adoption by same-sex...

Jade_M 20. 11. 2020

Protests Against the New Anti-Abortion Ruling in Poland

Author: Jade MacEwan Photo by Zuza Gałczyńska on Unsplash On 22 October, Poland’s Constitutional Court ruled that abortion would be banned in the case of...

Jade_M 5. 11. 2020

Situation of LGBT+ people in Poland, October 2020

Author: Jade MacEwan Fifty ambassadors from various countries around the globe, as well as representatives of international organisations, recently signed a letter expressing their support...

Jade_M 20. 10. 2020

CfA: Feminist perspectives in political sciences in Central and Eastern Europe

This post originally appeared here:  CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Feminist perspectives in political sciences in Central and Eastern Europe The journal Political Sciences announces a...

Michal Pitoňák 7. 10. 2020

Can The EU Protect Human Rights and Democratic Values in its Member States by Means of Financial Sanctions?

Author: Jade MacEwan The European Union’s Equality Commissioner, Helena Dalli, announced on 28 July that six Polish cities had been refused grants under a twinning...

Jade_M 23. 9. 2020

Could Thailand Become The Second Country in South-East Asia to Legalise Same-Sex Unions?

Author: Jade MacEwan On the 8th of July, the Thai Cabinet approved a bill which would allow same-sex couples in Thailand to enter into civil...

Jade_M 27. 7. 2020

Montenegro Votes to Approve Civil Partnerships

Autor: Jade MacEwan Montenegro passed a bill on the 2nd of July to legalise civil partnerships, becoming both the first country in the Balkans to...

Jade_M 13. 7. 2020

Same-Sex Marriage Moves Closer to Becoming Reality in Switzerland

Autor: Jade MacEwan On the 11th of June, the lower house of the Swiss Parliament, the National Council, voted to approve draft legislation for same-sex...

Jade_M 30. 6. 2020

Homophobic viral video in Russia

Autor: Jade MacEwan You will not find any reference to the original video within this article due to the fact that it embodies hate speech....

Jade_M 10. 6. 2020

Putin aims to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage in Russia

Autor: Jade MacEwan Photo: Queer Geography archive Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, intends to ask the Russian people to vote for same-sex marriage...

Jade_M 16. 3. 2020

Could Same-Sex Marriage Become a Reality in China?

Autor: Jade MacEwan Photo: Jay on Unsplash In only August of last year, after facing pressure to follow Taiwan’s lead in introducing marriage equality, Chinese government...

Jade_M 8. 3. 2020

(CFP) Mapping Desire – 25 years on: legacies, lessons, and lacunae

CFP: Conference of Irish Geographers (pre-conference symposium and conference 20-23rd May 2020, Dublin Ireland) and Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers (1st September-4th September 2020 London, England). The year 2020...

Michal Pitoňák 28. 1. 2020

The EU Parliament Adopts a Motion to Protect LGBTI Rights

by Jade MacEwan On 18 December, the European Parliament passed its first motion on public discrimination and hate speech against LGBTI people, including notoriously known...

Jade_M 8. 1. 2020