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We are looking for

Photo by Anna Samoylova on Unsplash

Do you have the capacity to help us with our work and are you willing to volunteer* for us? We are currently looking for:

  • Help in the area of accounting
  • Project management assistance 

*if our funding allows us to do so (e.g. within a project budget), we may be able to pay for certain work that is performed, e.g. in the form of a DPP (a temporary work contract). 

Are you familiar with website and database administration?

  • Then you could help us with website administration.

Get involved and help us to improve the availability of understandable and verifiable information:

In order to fulfill our goal of providing proven and verifiable information on various aspects of human sexuality, gender identity, LGBTQ+ psychology, HIV stigma and various other areas in which your expertise can be of use to us, we need to create space for experts in areas such as:

  • Human and social geography
  • Social epidemiology, epidemiology of HIV/STIs
  • Psychology, social psychology, social psychiatry
  • Critical social theory, gender a sexuality studies
  • Queer and/or feminist theory
  • Antropology
  • History, cultural studies
  • Politology, geopolitics
  • Human rights, European rights
  • and more…

Let us know about your work and we can help you promote it.  

Are you interested in what we do? Would you also like to get involved and help us to better achieve our goals? Then be sure to get in touch with us – we are looking for volunteers in a wide range of areas.


  • We are currently looking for a volunteer with a good knowledge of Czech who would be willing to help us to proofread some online texts from time to time.

Translators from/into English

  • As most of our website has still not been translated into English, we would be happy to find volunteers to help us make progress with the English version of our website.


  • We do our work with passion. We are a non-profit organisation, and generating profit and rapid growth are certainly not part of our aims. However, to be able to meet our goals, we need to have the necessary resources, including financial as well as other resources. If you feel that you could or would like to help us in this regard, then let us know.

We are interested in cooperating with volunteers who have knowledge in the following areas:

  • Statistical analysis of data, analysis of big data
  • Submitting applications for grants
  • Artificial intelligence, neural networks
  • Software engineering, programming mobile applications
  • Web design, database languages
  • Graphics (vector and raster)
  • Videos, cutting, editing
  • Illustration, drawing, painting, comics, etc.

We would love to put your talent to work in a meaningful way.


If you have the capacity and would like to help contribute to our work with up-to-date, professional and high quality news, if you are interested in taking on  a project in this field , or if you are simply interested in  gaining experience outside your studies, then please contact us and become a member of our network, or, if you prefer, our think-tank.