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Queer Geography z. s. (QG) is a professional think – tank, i.e. a group of experts, scientific, pedagogical and professional staff, as well as other people interested in interdisciplinary understanding and study of human sexuality (sexualities), gender identity (identities) and issues related to them.

The QG focuses on promoting holistic, syndemic and therefore biopsychosocial understanding of related social and health problems, questions or challenges; in the sense of contributing to more effective acceptance of sexual and gender diversity within the wider society, reducing stigmatization, discrimination, and the removal of other normative, institutional, legal or other barriers to the quality of life of some people.

QG will stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration, streamline knowledge transfer between disciplines, and promote new interdisciplinary fields such as geographies of sexualities, LGBTQ psychology, and social epidemiology.

QG is a legal person established in accordance with Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code, as amended, based in Prague.

  • The aim of the QG is to contribute to the improvement of the life situation of people whose daily (social, health, cultural, etc.) living reality is or may be affected by their differences in sexuality, gender identity, HIV sero-starus, mental health or other factors, which are related to this difference.
  • QG has a primary interest in contributing to the improvement of the life situation of non-heterosexual people, people with gender non-conformities, HIV-positive people, people living with AIDS and other people affected by the syndemics of minority stress, stigmatization or discrimination; or whose life situation stagnates or deteriorates due to insufficient level of knowledge or insufficient knowledge transfer between individual fields of enquiry.
  • QG contributes primarily to the following activities to meet its goals and interests primarily by:

a. research, education, popularization, editorial and publishing (in order to contribute to raising the awareness of the persons concerned, the professional as well as the general public and towards the general increase of the level of knowledge so far);
b. running the website;
c. preventive and educational (to disseminate new knowledge into practice);
d. implementing projects (to improve the life situation of the above-mentioned persons);
e. organizing professional events (workshops, conferences, etc.);
f. promoting interdisciplinary dialogue, linking isolated entities, supporting talented individuals and groups, promoting evidence-based science;
g. organizing benefit events;

but also:

h. communicating with governmental and non-governmental institutions, participants in the legislative process and other entities;
i. designing the necessary legislative or other measures for the benefit of the abovementioned persons;
j. cooperating with local and foreign organizations in addressing issues related to the life situation of the above mentioned persons;

In the course of its work, the QG mainly uses the potential of its members and volunteers.